Woodland Management and Ecology Links

This list is not exhaustive, but represents sources of information that we have found useful.

It is hoped visitors to this site will also find this is the case.

The list will evolve over time, and, I hope, be a starting point for all those who visit.

JN Honeyman 

  • English Charcoal, its history, information about the environment, production and woodmanship. A good source of information on sustainable forest production
  • A useful resource for all those wanting or interested in coppice derived products
  • Helping timber growers and wood users to make the most of timber resources in South East England.
  • Crafts in the English Countryside: A Detailed Report in PDF format on the state of this sector to date and the threats it faces.
  • The Hampshire Coppice Craftsmens' Group seeks to support the work of coppice, underwood and associated craftsmen within Hampshire. As well as to premote the use of local coppice products such as hazel Hurdles, spars, charcoal, firewood and turned items.
  • Green woodworking tools and green woodworking accessories for traditional woodland craft and coppice woodland workers.
  • The Forestry Contracting Association (FCA Membership Ltd) is the leading trade association within UK forestry and wood related industries. Alot of useful information and links to woodland information.
  • The UK's leading woodland conservation charity and as well as breing a worthwhile cause it is also a very good source of information for all interested in woodlands.
  • The Forestry Commission of Great Britain is the government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britain's forests and woodlands
  • A Group devoted to encouraging economic growth in the hazel coppice Industry through marketing, training and public awareness whilst sustaining the landscape and ecological value of the woodland resource.

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