Ecology Links

This list is not exhaustive, but represents sources of information that we have found useful.

It is hoped visitors to this site will also find this is the case.

The list will evolve over time, and, I hope, be a starting point for all those who visit.

JN Honeyman 

  • A site dedicated to developing a data-base of peer reviewed evidence to support habitat/species mitigation measures to ensure measures do more good than harm. Worth supporting
  • The home of the British Ecological Society on the web. A site worthy of a visit as a gateway to ideas, information and grants.
  • A pictorial index of British Wild Flowers - A good detailed guide that takes some getting used to, but has a great deal of floral information
  • Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - Speaks for itself
  • A comprehensive Multi-Disciplinary project from a Californian County that is:- comprehensive, innovative and food for thought. Warning it is a large body of information.
  • An very useful list of sites and information sources with an ecological theme. The majority of links work, but as is often the case with such a large collection, some may not.
  • A good site for all those herpetologists wanting information and/or to get involved.
  • Amphibian and Reptile Conservation - a site committed to conserving frogs, toads, newts snakes and lizards
  • A well respected centre for practical training in many aspects of the natural world and associated arts and crafts. Beware many of the courses fill up rapidly.
  • Discover the world of science, take part in scientific tests and experiments and find out the latest science news.

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