Landscape Ecology


This can run from the micro (an individuals garden) to the macro ( The New Forest) habitat. All require an understanding and awareness of the potential interactions internal and external that could influence the projects success or failure, and all in the context of the local ecology.

Landscape ecology stresses the role of human impacts on landscape structures and functions. It also proposes ways for restoring degraded landscapes.

Landscape ecology explicitly includes humans as entities that cause functional changes on the landscape.

JNH Environmental has in depth practical experience of:-

Ecologically Beneficial & Sustainable Landscape Design & Maintenance
Wildlife Habitat Creation
Habitat Mitigation - Where Disturbance and/or Translocation is the Only Answer
Constructed Wetlands (Reed Beds) Design & Project Management - for Biodiversity and/or as Part of a Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) Scheme.


View of an integrated landscape in Nepal

Whatever the service required the knowledge, skills and contacts exist to advise, design, and/or implement any project undertaken. You decide what level of input is required to suit your particular circumstances.

  All contact details are on the contacts page, feel free to make any enquiry regarding the services we offer, it costs nothing.







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