Habitat Assessment

A properly conducted initial habitat survey is the only basis of focussed and cost-effective project-inputs, whether to local development, EIA, conservation management, or habitat creation. Many aspects of this are relevant with regard to planning applications, development proposals and, in agriculture, environmental stewardship.

JNH Environmental has extensive experience in:-

JNCC Extended Phase 1 - 2 Habitat Surveys

A standardised system for classifying and mapping wildlife habitats in all parts of Great Britain, including urban areas. Phase 1 habitat surveys aim to provide relatively rapid records of the semi-natural vegetation and wildlife over large areas of countryside. The technique is based on vegetative cover assessment (National Vegetation Classification) alongside field notes/observations. Fauna are not particularly targeted, but if seen are noted.

The phase 1 habitat survey provides a concise overview of the whole survey area. Its relative simplicity is particularly useful for:- strategic conservation planning, overall resource evaluation, and monitoring habitat change.

 The objective is to draw inferences from the results -possibly pointing to where more comprehensive (Phase 2) surveys are required. Further information is available at the JNCC website. 

Hedgerow Surveying and Assessment

Hedgerows have moved from being once considered a nuisance in the push for an 'efficient' agricultural sector, to an increasingly important environmental asset - 'Critical Green Veins in the UK's fragmented ecological network'.

This is reflected in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, the current regulations on Hedgerows, and the development of a standard assessment procedure. Today most hedgerows over 20m would need to be assessed prior to any major disturbance and/or removal.

Collage of Landscape Scenes and Phase 1 Habitat Survey Maps  

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)

 Since the implementation of Council Directive 85/337/EEC, as amended, insisting on an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)for any project listed in Schedule 1, and the possibility of one being required for those listed in Schedule 2, there has been an exponential increase in the number of EIA's being required. The complexity of the EIA process, allied to the development of the even wider ranging Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)process, has meant that no one individual can have all the necessary skills to produce an EIA or SEA. This has led to teams producing the assessments, each team member tending to have an individual speciality. This has led to many of these seperate EIA categories and their processes been utilised outside the EIA remit for projects not necessarily requiring an EIA in law.

JNH Environmental specialises in Ecological Impact Assessment:-

Its Organisation & Implementation

The Gathering Together of the Necessary Taxonomic Specialists

Directing & Leading the Process Forward

Integration of Results with the Environmental Systems EIA Component (Climate, Soils, Water, etc....)

Flexibility and Expertise to Focus on any one Aspect of an EcIA to Suit Individual Circumstances - Even if Outside of the EIA Process

An EcIA is a tool that is often used outside of an EIA, in development proposals, planning applications, etc....

It is a proven way of assessing any actions likely ecological impact, and the potential range of mitigation measures that are available. An essential forward planning tool.


 Whatever the service required the knowledge, skills and contacts exist to advise, design, and/or implement any project undertaken. You decide what level of input is required to suit your particular circumstances.

  All contact details are on the contacts page, feel free to make any enquiry regarding the services we offer, it costs nothing.



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