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  • Our Vanishing Topsoil
    A report on the importance and fragility of the Earths topsoil.
  • Green Infrastructure
    Comhar Sustainable Development Council (SDC) press release into a study of integrating an ecosystem approach into planning development
  • Human Ecosystem Interaction
    A Synopsis of a paper presented by Dietz and a distinguished group of collaborators to the US Congress.
  • Climate Disaster Prediction
    A report on the problems predicting extreme climatic events, and a scientific gathering to look at ways to improve this, possibly utilising volunteers from Google and Galaxy Zoo.
  • Uk Planning System Failings
    A critique of the current UK Planning System and the agencies involved.
  • Biased Study By Fossil Fuel Producers
    An article by Fiona Harvey The Guardians Environmental Correspondant on the biased reporting of a scientific study into Gas extraction from Shale and its place in the push for more sustainable energy sources.
  • Video Tutorials
    Video associated with the environment and issues of sustainability
  • Nitrate BioFilters


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